Fighting from hair damage pelo baum

I recently have been though a disastrous hair color experience. Today I am going to share with you a) how I repaired my color, b) how I fought from hair damage with Pelo Baum Hair Products.

All the ladies out there can truly understand who have been through either hair disaster or color disaster and how devastating it is. What happened was, I went to a saloon. I wanted to get a hair color which I showed them a picture of, caramel blonde kind of. Six hours later, I walked out and my hair was literally bluish grey. I was super upset. It was not the first time I was getting my hair done. But this experience was truly disastrous. On top of that, my hair was extremely damaged. I don’t know what chemicals she used on my hair which made my hair thin and weak. But thanks to Pelo Baum for curing my hairs. It was tough for me to find this product in Baghdad but fortunately Meso Pro who delivered the product to me.

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