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I want to take you to my acne journey. From where I started to where I ended up and got a healthy looking and wonderful skin with Aquashine BR. hopefully will help all of you who are going through acne right now.

My skin has got a lot better for the past few years. Right now I am so confident with it that I am finally ready to face people out there and expose my beautiful skin in front of everyone. I definitely had acne in high school, but it was not that severe as a couple of years back. I used to wear makeup everyday because I wanted to look prettier back at school. The problem originated when my mom decided to put me to birth control pills for acne. My sister had also been taking those pills for whole life since she was in school and up till now. Her skin has been perfectly fine. Unlike me, who took it and got severe acne. There using Aquashine BR before any severe effect can be very helpful, please do consult your skin specialist before applying any dermal filler.

So I decided to skip that part and left all the birth control pills that I was previously taking. After a few months my skin started getting better. It made me really happy. At first, I was quite sure that these birth control pills do not suit everyone. And that’s why it did not work for my skin as well. But after around two to three months, my skin went crazy. Hormones were totally in balance and I don’t know why but they were getting worse day by day. For three years I had really severe acne. Revofil Aquashine BR Filler offers much more about which you can find the details here.

I tried all the skin care routines, all expensive cleansers creams and treatments. Nothing worked. Without a whole coverage and thick layers of foundation makeup I could not go outside. Just to hide my cheeks areas I had to do whole face of makeup.

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But then there was a dermatologist I concerned back in that year. He was awesome. He just made a couple of shuffles in my diet and routine. Also, he prescribed me as fewer medicines as he could and my acne was vanished. But like every skin, it left me with permanent marks. As my marriage was getting nearer, I decided to clean it up and use dermal filler particularly Aquashine BR. It was not new to our family as my mother has also used it before for aging problem. I purchased the product from They are genuine sellers and will provide an expert who will ease the surgery for you.

This dermal filler not only removed the scars, but also made it more glowing than before. With its non hazardous and completely natural chemicals, my skin got better and healthier day by day. Today when I leave home for out I don’t have to wear layers and layers of makeup. That’s all because of one right decision.

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